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  1. Ethnocentrism and Masculinity Among the Kipsigis of Kenya
  2. Living Near The Limits: A Reanalysis of Bangwa Beliefs About Birth And Death
  3. Residence Rules and Residence Patterns in a Kipsigis Community
  4. Pastoralists with Plows: Cultural Continuities among the Kipsigis OF Kenya
  5. A Kipsigis Cattle Dispute
  6. Kipsigis Age-Sets: Coordination Without Centralization
  7. The Extent of Age-Set Coordination Among the Kalenjin
  8. Kipsigis Spatial Patterns: A Riddle, an Explanation, and a Saying
  9. Pastoral Values Among Vulnerable Peasants: Can the Kipsigis of Kenya Keep the Home Fires Burning?
  10. They're Playing Our Song: Media and Ethnicity in Kenya
  11. A Kipsigis Parable
  12. Illicit Initiations and Ritual Ambiguity in the 82nd Airborne
  13. Where is Anthropology When You Need It? Real World Problems and Reflexivity
  14. I wrote the following piece as a demonstration of how to do a term project
    for students in my undergraduate seminar on Conspiracy Thinking in Contemporary America
    The Plot Behind The Gunpowder Plot
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