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Photos: Magnum Opus Papers:
  1. Ethnocentrism and Masculinity Among the Kipsigis of Kenya
  2. Living Near The Limits: A Reanalysis of Bangwa Beliefs About Birth And Death
  3. Residence Rules and Residence Patterns in a Kipsigis Community
  4. Pastoralists with Plows: Cultural Continuities among the Kipsigis OF Kenya
  5. Kipsigis Age-Sets: Coordination Without Centralization
  6. The Extent of Age-Set Coordination Among the Kalenjin
  7. Kipsigis Spatial Patterns: A Riddle, an Explanation, and a Saying
  8. Pastoral Values Among Vulnerable Peasants: Can the Kipsigis of Kenya Keep the Home Fires Burning?
  9. They're Playing Our Song: Media and Ethnicity in Kenya
  10. A Kipsigis Parable
         Portrait of Kiruchu arap Torgoti
  11. Illicit Initiations and Ritual Ambiguity in the 82nd Airborne
  12. Where is Anthropology When You Need It? Real World Problems and Reflexivity
Miscellany: Kalenjin Links (unaffiliated)

Updated 7 July 2022
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